Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to store greens in the fridge

With the price of vegetables so expensive these days it's worth trying to keep whatever you buy as fresh as possible for as long as possible whilst stored in the fridge. I've tried various methods but this one that I'm about to tell you about is really effective. By using it I've managed to keep my veggies fresh for the whole month long and have had a few that suprisingly lasted a couple of months -like raddishes. It is really simple to do although it can get a bit tedious to maintain, but I think it is worth all the effort.

To start
Wash and meticoulously dry your veggies - I store baby spinach, cos lettuce, spring onion, raddishes and herbs.
Wrap them separately in a piece of cotton cloth of some sort. This can be muslin or even your cotton tea towels - I use both.

Now place the whole thing in a giant zip-lock bag and close it up WITHOUT expelling any air out.

You will know if you have done it correctly because if you squeeze the bag with your hands it remains puffy like a balloon.

To maintain
Each time you use an item check how moist the cloth feels. If it feels damp then remove it and replace it with a fresh one and re-wrap the vegetable. Then, give the inside of the zip-lock bag a wipe with a tea towel to remove any condensation. Place the wrapped produce back inside and re-seal the bag.

If you are getting really annoyed at the amount of stuff you are throwing out because it is going off before you can get through it all then try this method - it really works. The lettuce in this picture is now 1 month old and still usable!!!

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  1. I never thought of storing them like this, but I do store mushrooms in the fridge by putting the paper bag in a press-seal bag.....they can last for weeks like this.