Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homeschooling teaching resources

Here are a few of the teaching resources I will be using to homeschool Joshua through pre-school.

Felt board
I made this using foam board that I bought from Office Works, some felt from Spotlight and some pins that I already had in my office. This will be our primary reading board to use along with reading our favourite books and to learn about sequencing. We will be using it to learn about numbers, patterns and one to one correspondence. To play matching and memory games and just to goof around on in general.

Glove puppet
I glued some velcro dots onto the finger tips of an old glove I had that was passed its used by date which will be used to hold pictures up. We will use this to learn about shapes, size etc.

Magnetic board
This will be used to work with magnetic letters and numbers and also to write on.

As I develop the teaching materials that go along with these resources I will post about them here.

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