Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Thomas the Tank Engine DVD

As Josh is now really into Thomas the Tank Engine I thought it was time to make a DVD for him. This didn't cost me a cent to make and this is what I did.

1. For a few weeks I had Stephen tape all the Thomas episodes on ABC2
2. He then edited out the unwanted stuff at both the beginning and end of each recorded episode (he has a special player that can do this, I wouldn't know how to do it myself)
3. He transferred them all onto a blank DVD (from his collection)
4. He gave me a blank DVD cover (also from his stash)
5. I cut up a free Thomas colouring in booklet that I sent away for through City Rail which I had kept aside waiting to be needed and slipped it into the cover

Here it is!


  1. Oh, you're so resourceful Maria. What a great idea! My boy hasn't ever been into Thomas (thank goodness - Lightning McQueen is enough). I'm sure Joshua will love it! xx

  2. Hi Anne, you could say I kind of pushed Josh into Thomas as I have been slowly building his collection over the last year. I skipped the whole "plastic toy" phase and just let him play with the trains and tracks, even when he didn't quite now what to do with them. Now he is pushing 3 he adores it. I don't mind at all to be honest. He also has a Cars DVD, which coincidently we wathed this weekend as our movie on family movie Saturday night. It was the first time he had watched it and oh dear, he is hooked on that too now!! I am just glad he isn't into stuff like the Wiggles or Bananas in Pyjamas - too boring :)

  3. Ha ha Maria! I think I swallowed a Matchbox car and somehow Benjamin got it, "in utero" and came out playing with it. He's CARS mad. I believe there's a Cars 2 coming out in the USA in June so expect it to be here by Christmas. Another DVD to get! LOL We have family movie night here every Saturday night too. Hard to keep coming up with family friendly movies that won't scare the kids. (I agree with The Wiggles and Nanas in PJs! LOL)

  4. Hi Maria , My son Jacked loved Thomas ,we we first went to play group there was a little train track and a Thomas and a Percy.From then on he was hooked so for Christamas that year he was 2 & 1/4 years old. We brought him a Thomas for Santa to give him at the play group Chistmas party we had 2 different play groups we attended so for the other santa to give we brought Gordon. And we brought him Percy and the Thomas train track . He now has just about every train they have made and nearly all the accerssories I would hate to imagine what we have spend on them all over the years. I used to buy heaps when kmart would have there 25% of sales. I only said to him yesterday perhaps we could buy a big cheast and pack it all away now as he is 8 &1/2 now and is into other things now pokemon & the nintendo wii games ...I cannot imagine ever getting rid of the Thomas train set it was the best money we ever spent so many hours enjoying it and every week him and his dad would make a new track and he would get his dad to drwa it all. So we will pack it away safely for his children so day !I also sent away for the colouring book about rail safety. He used to say he was going to open up a thomas train museum. who know's maybe he will. We brought a box of trains in Tassie on our around Australia trip to get Diesel 10 he was from one of the movies. We could send one to Josh for his birthday so if you would like to email me with details we have Harvey,, Diesel and Lady so let me know !
    Sherrie :)

  5. Sherrie, I have done like you, only bought on sale. I already have his birthday Thomas items that I bought last year during the toy sales already wrapped up in the cloth fabric that I wrote about a while back. No way I would pay full price for this stuff!! I am also thinking of it as an investment as I am planning to pack it all away once he gets over playing with them and store them for my grandson (assuming I get one) otherwise it will go to someother boy in the family (maybe my nieces or nephews kids).

    Oh, thank you Sherrie for offering one of the trains for Josh on his birthday. It's not until August but I can put it away until then. I will get back to you as to which one as I am still learning all the names and I have a list that I picked up at Toys 'R Us that I tick off each time I get a train. Right now Josh is calling out to me so I have to go.....grrr

  6. Hi Sherrie, I think Josh would love Harvey the most. He loves anything that looks like a crane at the moment. You can email me at and I will send you my address. Thank you again for your kindness and I plan to return the favour in someway when the opportunity presents :)

  7. I'am a 53 year old grandma, and blessed to have my grown son and his two children live with my husband and I. We are all about Thomas here and have been since our little guy was 11 months, (now 41/2) and still very interested. We've also made our own DVDs, for our (adult) quiet time. I am so homeschooling both my grandchildren ages 5 and 4, a undertaking I truly enjoy, and have use "Thomas" in many of my lesson plans...

  8. Hi Fat to Slim, thank you for leaving your comment. I think little boys will always love Thomas as he is a classic. My 9 year old nephew was "addicted" to trains as a small child and even though he has moved onto other older boy toys he still loves his trains. His grandfather has a room in his house which has his HUGE train collection and full working train model set and the only other person allowed into that room is my nephew!!! Anybody else that enters has their heads chopped off LOL