Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm still here....only just!

Hi All,

You may have noticed my recent lack of posting lately. I decided I was spending way too much time on the computer and not enough time with Joshua or getting ahead on other projects. I've been reassessing my goals again and planning a new schedule to tackle the year ahead as I felt the old one had become outdated now Josh is almost a preschooler and about to leave his toddler years behing (tear).

The sabatical has been great and I will get back to posting again shortly. I might intoduce some different topics, depending on what is happening in our lives.

Yesterday we battled the rain to drive to Newtown to take some photos for Stephen's mum. He spent his childhood there which is one reason we go there alot these days and spend an afternoon there. We took Josh to the park that Stephen used to play in.

We will be having our family portrait taken at Pixi Photos in a couple of weeks to update the last one we took in 2008 when Josh was still only crawling. I will post the old one and the new one here. I am also looking forward to a nice girls night out with my mother's group on the 1st April. Most of the mums in the group work either full or part-time making it really hard to catch up. That's why I always make sure I make time for them. I don't have many friends at the moment and I find it really comforting that the friends that I do have are going through the same life stage as myself.


  1. Hi Maria, yes I wondered a few times where you were, I was thinking a few times to email you to make sure you were ok . Glad to have you back in the blogging world. I missed your posts !Lovely photo of father and son !
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Hi Maria! So glad to see a post from you. I just figured you'd been busy with Josh. Good to hear from you. Nice to reminisce, isn't it?

  3. Hi Sherrie, lovely to hear from you. I know how busy life can get, you have a thought "oh, I must get around to doing such and such" and then you put your head down and before you know it weeks have gone by and you haven't done it LOL. Thank you for thinking of me. Actually, one of the first things I did when I logged back on was to check your blog first. Lets get our priorites right here!!

  4. Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and that I am awarding you the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD! Hope you'll head over to
    Warm Regards
    Have a great day

  5. Simple Notebook has an ebook about simplifying blogging. It's about keeping up your hobby, but making family time the priority. It's been helpful to me.

  6. Oh, thanks Megan. I couldn't find Simple Notebook when I googled but I came across Small Notebook - is that the same thing?

    Part of my problem is that I am technology phobic. I hate gadgets with a passion and have purposely not kept up to date with changes in this field. My computer is old, my phone is a basic pre-paid dinosour, I still have my walkman that I bought in 1990 tucked away in case I want to listen to my cassette tapes (yes, I have kept them - I even have a cassette that I taped off the radio in 1986 LOL). I don't have my vinyl records anymore as I moved overseas a few times and I donated them to friends as I thought they would get damaged during the flight.

  7. It is Small Notebook. Whoops.

    I still have some Vinyl, mostly Christmas though.

  8. Hey there,
    I'd like to present you with One Lovely Blog award.

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  9. Tubbah, please forgive my blogging ignorance but um, how do I "link back" to you and "pass the award along"???? HELP!