Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Josh's first train trip

Yesterday we visited Sue, our Clinical Nurse Consultant at Karitane for a follow up session to see how Josh was going. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to go on our first train journey.

The fact that it was forecast to reach temperatures of 38DegC and up didn't put me off. Instead I packed a small insualted bag with our meals, a thin ice brick and some wet towels. I loaded up the thermos with iced water and grabbed our hats and long sleeved shirts.

On the trip home we both enjoyed some cold fizzy drinks, Josh had a lemonade and I chose a Sarsparilla. Of course in the shop he couldn't resist asking me for this lolly or that lolly so I happily purchased two of his choices for him.

He love the trip so much he hasn't stopped talking about it or asking to see the pictures :)

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