Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nuggety Hill Estate - Sofala

I promised my friend Sherrie some pictures of my Brother-in-law's property since we were supposed to be going up for a visit in February. Doesn't look like it is going to happen at the moment, so I found the only photos I have saved on Stephen's computer of a visit we made in 2006 (pre baby days).

Found this website which has lots of good quality pics taken around the area (Sofala main street, Turon, Peel and Nuggety Hill areas. The closest town to the property is Wattle Flat)


  1. Lovely pics, the landscape in the background is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like it would be a beautiful area to visit.

    I find Australia is unique in its appearance where its wildlife and plant life is concerned, there really is no mistaking it for other areas in the world.

    Whims :-)

  2. Hi Whims, it is an old gold mining area and my brother in law still likes to fossick now and again although so far all he has found is lots of spent cartridges. The property is on the top of the hill so we get lovely sunrises and sunsets and can see when the bad weather is coming but also it means we get the worst of it. I was speaking to Stephen last night and there is a chance that we might still be going next month. Hope so!

  3. We have a saying whenever we visit - "Sofala time" that means we throw away our watches and forget about time and just do what we want to do when we feel like doing it and the days go slow and feels reeeealy long. When we are leaving sydney we also toot our car horns and say out loud through the window so other driver's can hear us "good bye stinky town!" It's become a ritual.

  4. I hope your plans to visit your BIL work out for you. I soooo miss Australia! My hubby hasn't had a chance to see much of it but he's in love with the Blue Mountains and surrounding area. :-))