Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No fuss baking

I'm not the best at baking but I've found a way to ease my burden in the kitchen so that I don't have too many items to wash up afterwards. I use my kitchen scales that have a "zero out" function and I know my ingredients by weight not by cup or spoon. The first time you try this for any recipe you will still have to use cups and teaspoons or tablespoons to begin with, but you will write down the gram or kilo equivalent and re-write out your recipe (or write along side so you have a comparison).

Start by placing your mixing bowl on the scales and turning them on. This automatically cancels out the weight of the bowl. Add your first ingredient - (I added 125g of flour) then press the zero out button and the screen will show a "0" cancelling out the weight of that ingredient. Keep on doing this until you have added them all. Now if your recipe includes any additional steps (like steaming, chopping, cutting. pureeing etc) then you will still have some extra washing to do but at least you have cut it down somewhat.

I made up a batch of carrot cake muffins today and at the end of the session I had only my mixing bowl, spoon and muffin trays to clean up. I had steamed and pureed the carrots the day before so that washing up was already done.

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