Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alphabet bottle tops

I'm still on a missing with collecting bottle tops. It's definetely a slow process so I've gotten to the point of asking family for donations. As one of the projects is this alphabet set. I've made the capitals on big tops and the small letters on small tops with all vowels standing out in red. I used an alphabet template to draw on them with my sharpie pens although I think I might have to cover them with a small circle of clear contact to protect them (there's that plastic coming out again hmmmmm)


  1. Hi Maria, If you use a permanent texta you shouldn't need to put contact over the top ,it should last ages I would think. You have some fabulous ideas wish the internet was around when my boys were little I would have saved so much money...but then the cost of the computer then internet fees ...maybe not...I don't think I would have found the time to use it then ... I'm always checking my blog list for your new posts to see what great ideas you have come up with! Sherrie :)

  2. I'm just worried Joshua will destroy the ink by putting the caps into his mouth as he can be quite destructive at times.

    I am in two minds about computers and the internet. Firstly, I loathe technology - I can't even progamme a video recorder anymore these days and struggle to use my emergency moblie phone. But then secondly, I am so grateful for the internet because without it I woulndn't have learnt so much about living the simple life or gotten the chance to chat to like minded people like yourself. As a young mum I am pretty much housebound so it's nice to talk to other people, even though it is only via a screen.