Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas santa sack planning

I'm a pretty organised person so it's no surprise that I have drawn up a 4 year christmas shopping list to keep track of Joshua's gifts. So, this is the system I use.

I have a green Santa Sack from Aldi where I store this coming year's gifts (hey, at $4 I couldn't be bothered making one up myself) and I made up a red satin holding sack to hold the up coming year's gifts (total cost $1.20 for the fabric - the cord was taken from my sewing room stash). I also use a template as far as the type of gifts that I buy. I make sure that the items that go into his sack will be things he is going to need anyway. These items I buy throughout the year when they come on sale. Then I buy 2 large "Santa" gifts. These will be wrapped up in cloth fabric. This year he is getting a Lego Duplo starter box with 200 pieces and a Hot Wheels starter set consisting of a tin container to hold all of his cars, a blaster and a simple track set.

As you can see, I've already got a running start on some items for the year's ahead!

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