Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Op shop finds

This week's op-shopping was pretty lean. All I could find was a dozen crisp white napkins. I'm planning to embroider these with christmas details to begin using from next year's christmas. I did find a quaint old crock pot from the 80's and a breville mix master but I passed these up as I already have a crockpot and after inspecting the mixer I wasn't satisfied it was in good working order.

The other picture is a freebie roadside find. I'm not actually sure if it's an old telephone table & chair thingy or a pot plant stand! When I first spotted it it looked like the latter as it was quite dirty and dusty with green stains. I've placed my pot of young basil and peppermint on one shelf and an empty pot on the next awaiting some planting. Think I'll use the bottom shelf for keeping seedlings together.


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