Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple and pear sauce from core scraps

I've been saving all my apple and pear cores in a container in the fridge over the last couple of weeks with the idea of cooking them and making some fruit sauce. Well, I finally had enough scraps to give it a go and I think it's a winner!!

I placed the scraps in a steamer - there's a reason why I used a steamer and why I didn't just place them into a saucepan full of water - read on....
I cooked them for 10 minutes then allowed it to cool for another 10 minutes. The liquid was poured into a cup and reserved. The core scraps went back into the pot and pureed with my stick blender. Then I just strained the pulp by pushing it through a sieve and voila! It took a bit of elbow work but I got there! The scraps left in the strainer went into the compost bin, the sauce went into some Easiyo youghurt that I had made up waiting to be flavoured (the picture only shows one pot - there was enough to make up two pots but Josh and I ate one it was so yummy) and the liquid was used to make iceblocks.

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