Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lavender tea

The lavender plants I planted last year when I started my veggie patch have started to bloom. While I get to work thinking about what to do with all the lovely flowers I decided to make myself a lavender tea. When you don't drink tea or coffee it can be hard finding something nice and warm to drink in the winter time.

I like to make all my infused teas in this cup which I bought in a shop in Berrima over 10 years ago. You can see it's had it's fair share of chips and breaks but I can't bear to throw it out.

I love that it has it's own steeper to put your herbs into, then you pop it's little lid on to keep the volatile oils from escaping with the steam.

Then, when you're ready to drink it, you can pop the steeper onto the upside down turned lid.


  1. Hi Maria, I once had some lavender shortbread biscuits. not too crazy about eating lavender, but have seen lavender honey and lavender ice cream. You could make lavender balls they make great gifts, or for yourself in your clothes draws/cupboards. I use mostly the leaves as they have a stronger smell. Here is the link

  2. Thanks, Sherrie. I will take a look. It never occured to me to use the leaves so will give that a go. I like the idea of using them in drawers. xx