Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another use for newspaper

Recently, I've been thinking about ways to cut down my time in the kitchen. I have been trying to reduce the number of items I need to wash over the course of any given day. Last week I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea of using newspaper more in the kitchen. This is what I have been doing.

I have been limiting the amount of times I reach for my chopping board and instead using newspaper as my cutting and meal prep surface.

What I like about this nifty frugal idea is that it keeps my bench top clean, all I have to do after cooking a meal is fold up the newspaper and then store in on the side of the bench until later that day when I head out into the garden and bury it.

I vary the size and thickness of the newspaper "board" depending on what type of work I am doing. If it's messy work I use several layers and open the pages out fully. If I am just making a sandwich then I just need one sheet, then I fold it up into a neat little plate size parcel, containing all the messy crumbs and use it as my plate. When finished I crumple it up and store it along side the other parcels I have waiting to be buried.

I have thought about the possibility of ingesting some of the printing ink that might be absorbed into the food I am eating, but I have decided that the impact is probably too negligible to worry about.

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  1. for things like fried bacon, I use one paper towel on top of newspapers, but I do agree about the impact of the inks not being substantial.