Monday, January 3, 2011

Orange peel tea

Every morning I squeeze a couple of fresh oranges, one for myself and one for Joshua, and dilute these with water to get a full cup. Today I discovered that you can make tea from orange peel rinds so I gave it a try and it was yummy. I gave up tea and coffee years ago and only drink herbal tea on its own, that is no sweeteners added.

I steeped the peels in boiling water and covered the jug with a plate. Note: I don't own a teapot as I only ever make one cup at a time so used my glass pyrex measuring jug. Joshua is giving me a busy day today so I fogot I had them steeping so they were left there for over 30min I think and the water was luke warm, didn't bother me though as I can drink room temperature water flavoured with fruit or vegetabels.

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  1. that's a great idea, great to zest them for recipes you can freeze the zest until needed .shop brought oranges are quite often dipped in wash them really well first . but if you pick them yourself even better.