Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fridge plate covers

To make these fridge plate covers I used some biodgradable plastic bags with soy milk ink printing. They are super easy to make. You need some plastic bags, different size plates,some elastic, brown paper, an iron and ironing board. I just used the elastic I had on hand but if you have FOE (fold over elastic) or prefer to make a casing to thread the elastic through that is fine too. I used 6 layers of plastic for the large size cover and 4 for the smaller ones. I'm pretty happy with the results.

To fuse the plastic together turn the bags inside out so that the print doesn't run and cup open any sides that buckle to help it to lay flat. On an ironing board place a large sheet of brown wrapping paper then the plastic bags then another sheet of brown paper. Make sure the brown paper extends beyond the plastic or it will melt onto your iron. With your iron on high run the iron over continuously for about 20 seconds then stop and check if the plastic has fused. If not run the iron over it again a few times. That is basically it. If you want visuals you can find lots of instructions on google.

Trace different size plates and cut out with a 1cm allowance all around.

Sew on the elastic using your preferred method.

Trim any uneven edges and your're done! These covers won't fit back onto the plate you traced them from unless you leave more than a 1cm hem. Try adding 5cm at first to see if you are happy with the fit. They will fit back onto a smaller size that the one you traced from


  1. Hi Maria, they look great ...I've been thinking about making them for a while now but still haven't gotten around to it ...I usually just cover our food with plastic bags that we find it hard not to get like for the bread and other things that come in plastic so hard to avoid.
    sherrie :)

  2. Hi Sherrie, yeah I usually do that too but since we have stopped buying rubbish bags we now use the plastic shopping bags to line our rubbish bins so we don't have many shopping bags to go around anymore. Hubby bought these ones from the shop for those times when we run out so I thought I would have a go at making them since they seemed safe to use on food.

  3. Will have to make me some of these, thank you for the prompt. Yours look great and they dont look too hard to make either.


  4. Hi Tania, they are super easy to make. You can whip a few up in as little as 30min. They are nice and easy to wash too.