Thursday, December 9, 2010

Toddler sewing basket

I've seen a few varitions of these kid's "sewing" baskets around and I thought it was time to make one up for Josh. Our basket has the following in it:

1. Chopsticks
2. Montessori beading activity (jar, beads and pipecleaners)
3. Embroidery loops - one large and one small
4. Non-slip material to act as "fabric"
5. Wool needles and thread wrapped around wooden clothes peg
5. Tic-tac jar for holding spare needles
6. Bamboo beads (I posted about these on a recent thread)
7. Button beads
8. Fabric bag with bamboo handles for storing some of the above items in

Can't wait to use it. I will be presenting it to Josh this afternoon when I pick him up from pre-school.

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