Thursday, December 9, 2010


Look what I found sitting in someone's council pickup pile. Wouldn't you pick it up too?? It works beautifully and is complete with all parts. Only a minor crack in the plastic bowl but not enought to warrant having to throw it out......


  1. that's exactly the same as what I have (the mixer). I paid about $150 for it, prob about 6 months ago! Definitely got a good pick up there!!

  2. Gee thats a good find Maria, especially so because it works.

  3. It was in its box, although that was damged, and it had the manual in there can you believe . It's 4 years old and I love it. My last one broke a few years ago when I accidently left a teaspoon in the bowl. I put the lid on, having forgotten and hit the button and the thing smashed itself to bits with a horrible noise!! Can you believe I have been wating all this time for a good find - I guess I have patience LOL