Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bulk carrot

Well, after everyone took their share of carrots yesterday, I was still left with a HUGE amount to deal with. I ended up making the following with them.

1. Chopped carrots (steamed for 5 min) enought to last for 11 months
2. Pureed carrots (to make carrot cake and muffins for Joshua) enough to last 7 months
3. Carrot/Orange/Ginger drinks. This is my favourite juice! As I don't have a juicer this is the next best thing. I squeezed 2 oranges into a bottle and toped up with the cooking liquid from the pureed carrots. When it comes time to drinking I will add some ginger powder. I had enough to make 5 bottles. I drank one, made 2 and still have 2 more to make - just waiting on empty bottles from Stephen as he uses these for work.


  1. Hi Maria , When I steam sweet potato I love drinking the water afterwards it's so lovely and sweet, Carrot would be nice also ..Why waste it .It's also great to use as stock for soups, gravies or cooking rice etc can also freeze until needed.

  2. I'm with you on that one Sherrie!! I drink the water everytime I steam or boil my vegetables. That's where a lot of the nutrients end up.