Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bamboo threading beads

Here's a small collection of threading beads I made out of a stick of bamboo for Joshua. They are super easy to make. The whole project cost me $2.80! I saved by not using resin to coat them and just used packing tape.

1. Choose the best bamboo stick that you can find (check for faults, colour and uniformity in its thickness) I bought a 150cm length.
2. Mark off 2.5cm divisions to represent the individual beads, don't use the knobby bits.
3. Use a hand saw and vice and cut carefully to avoid the bamboo splitting. I found if I cut down to almost all the way through, then turned it over and continued to saw it reduced the splitting.
4. Sand the cut ends and surfaces slighlty.
5.At this point you can decorate to your liking. You could paint them, draw on them or stick pictures on them. I had a large poster of Hot Wheel cars picked up for free from Toys R Us that was perfect for the job. I cut the pictures to fit the beads then glued on with PVA glue.
6. Once dry cover with a coat of some sort to protect your art work. As I said, I used plain old packing tape but a polyurethane type resin would be great if you can afford it.
7. Let them dry.
8. Enjoy playing with them!

I am yet to make a proper container to hold these. But I have some Hot Wheel cut outs and car stickers that are perfect for the job!


  1. Ooh, I like this idea! I wonder where I can buy bamboo, maybe a garden supply store?

  2. Yes, I got mine from the garden section at Bunnings Hardware.