Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cutting up a chicken

I like to 2 buy organic chicken from Aldi even though it's a smaller and more expensive bird as I know it hasn't been abused whilst it has been alive. I then cut it up and get all this. I only showed one carcass as you get the point. This is enough chicken to last us the whole month for around $19.
I make stock up from the carcass and add bits of veggie scraps that I keep over the course of the month. The breast gets sliced up thinly and flash frozen to cook up quick schnitzels or just grilled with some garlic, lemon and salt. The thighs get turned into Beer spaghetti and the drumsticks into a portuguese chicken recipe. I'll post these recipes up on anothe post.
Now, I am normally vegetarian and I have to admit that handling a dead animal is not my cup of tea. The first time I started doing this I actually apologised to the bird :(. My iron levels have gone down lately according to the doctor so just eating some animal again to get it back up. I don't eat red meat and have hated the stuff even as a child. Fish has only entered my menu in my mid 20's as before that I couldn't stomach it. So I'm eating a bit of that as well.

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