Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tree felling

Well it finally happened - the trees got chopped down!! I had been waiting since we first bought this place 3 years ago for this event and I am so thrilled. The backyard is slowly coming together and one day will be the lovely green area that I envisioned when I first saw the property.
Hubby (on the right in his work gear) and Ron, my brother in law took 4 hours to get them all down with a chainsaw and rope system. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the roping as I had Joshua to deal with who was being his usual curious self and getting too close for my liking so we had to retreat inside until it was safe. All that's left is to get a tree fellar/arborist in to quote us on the stump grinding and mulching. Can't wait to use it all.


  1. Maria, it would be interesting to see the before photos. I am curious as to why you had to cut them down. Too big, too close to house?


  2. Hi Helena. Not sure if we have any before shots. It was lucky that I even took the during and after shots. I suddenly remembered to do so when the job was almost over to have some sort of record to look back on in the future as to how unkempt our house used to look.
    Both us and the neighbours wanted the pine trees down as they made their house dark on their side and damp and disgusting on ours. There was an old disgusting above ground pool in the yard when we first moved in that we took down and the palm trees were dotted around. We had no need for them as our aim is to have the whole backyard levelled off and to only have some greenery running along side the fence. That is a long term project for us but we have already started with chopping the trees down.