Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scooter boy

I captured Joshua's first attempts at riding a scooter today. Not bad for a first day! This was given to us by our lovely neighbour whose daughter had grown out of it.

Josh is at the transition stage for dropping his daytime nap (can you see my sad face) so I now just put him in his room at midday with some toys and books for an hours quiet time. I let him know that he can play or go to sleep if he feels tired but he doesn't have to and I will come and get him when time is up. He alternates days where he sleeps and days where he just plays. Today was one of the play days. He was desperate to be let out (he has a gate at his door) and when I opened his gate he bolted straight to the scooter for some more fun LOL! I couldn't sleep either if I had just been given a set of wheels.

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