Sunday, June 26, 2011

Polar fleece pants

I made these polar fleece pants for Josh using the New Conceptions pattern.

I've been using this particular pattern to make pants for him since he was 4 months old as it has been cut to fit babies and children in cloth nappies. Although I do admit to modifying the pattern each time I make him a pair of pants to achieve the final look I am after.

These pants double as nightime soakers and daytime winter outdoor play gear.

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  1. Hi Maria, they are so easy to make aren't they ...I used to make all my older sons all their track suits pants and tops, I've only made Jack a couple of pairs...I have heaps of track suit material in a big chest in my sewing room as many years ago I taught my friend to sew and we started a small business on a party plan selling children's track suits with appliqué on the tops they were really cute.I was planing to make Jack some track pants, but we went to the op shop a few weeks ago and I brought a pair for $2 and a new pair in navy from Kmart for school. I did a knit wit sewing course many years ago.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)