Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting kids to eat carrots

If you are having trouble getting your little darlings to eat their carrots try this trick.

Take a carrot, wash and peel it.

Cut it into thirds.

Cut little triangles out of the sides with a small knife.

Cut into slices.

Beautiful orange flowers for girls or orange stars for boys!! I recently tried this out on Joshua, who has just started going off his vegetables (grrr.... I thought I was in the clear), with success. Next, I am going to tackle peas and corn. On goes the mummy thinking cap :)


  1. Hi Maria. Ha! Wishful thinking! I don't think mine would eat them if I carved them into the shape of Lightning McQueen or Barbie! LOL Very nice idea though. I wish you luck. Let me know what you come up with with the peas and corns.

    Have a great Easter Maria with your family!


  2. You are so clever they look so cute, Jack loves his carrot sticks, he will only eat raw vegetables not cooked ones. so he has salad with nearly all his meals. They would be so nice at a childs party or adults for that matter. love the idea of making food look fun cutting thinly they would look great on biscuits with smoked salmon, cream cheese etc...thanks for sharing another great idea... Happy Easter to you Maria & your Family ...
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  3. Sometimes I think it's mission impossible with kids and veggies, but I still think it's something that's worth all the hair pulling involved. When all else fails just hide them in their food so at least they are getting them in their diet.

    I'm not doing too bad with Josh as he does eat well otherwise. He loves lentils and chickpeas and enjoys the dhals, curries, hummus and falafels I serve him. He will eat fish whether fresh or tinned and will even eat a whole tin of sardines if you let him. He loves eggs and potatos and sweet potatos aren't a problem. He will snack on almonds, walnuts and dates, fruit and yoghurt. I got him to eat roasted capsicum last night via a sauce I made up to eat with our veggie burgers so I will post about that shortly.

    Sherrie, yes they would like nice served as part of a canape wouldn't they :)

    Happy Easter guys! My eyes are already drooling over all the chocolate I am going to be eating. Sherrie, what does your health allow you to indulge in at this time of the year? I do hope there is something you can eat that is a little bit naughty without making you feel any worse than you may be feeling already