Monday, February 14, 2011

Management Centre

Ok I must confess that the idea of a home management centre is not new to me. It's just that since Joshua started walking last year I had to pack it all away and shift it to different parts of the house which meant I slowly started to become disorganised again.

After reading a post on An Organised Mums's blog today about this basic concept I decided it was time to get it set up again. I've put it back in the same spot, next to the stairs and this time I have added a cork and white board.
I used electrical tape to create different areas on the white board. It's not meant to look perfect, I settled for practical. I have areas for:

For things to be donated to the op-shop

Library books currently out on loan

1. Home Management Folder
2. Price shopping book and recipes
3. Diary
4. Bills to be dealt with
5. Stapler, hole puncher, calculator, pen and notebook
6. Laptop

Side desk
Financial folder (I use this on a weekly basis to keep track of bills and to update our financial position)

1. Shopping (blue sheet of paper)
2. "This week" page from my diary
3. Current recipes I want to try this week
4. Basic homeschool ideas

1. Appointments/to-do overview (Mon to Saturday only)
2. Menu planner
3. Notes

Now the hard part will be keeping Josh away!! He is still curious but at least he is old enought to understand a stern NO!. I think as long as he has some paper and crayons he is happy to sit on the floor next to me whilst I get some work done - let's hope :)


  1. Oooh I've never heard it called a "home management centre" before and I like it. I think I'll adopt this name for my own little bit of space that I've created with similar stuff. The other thing I have is a box where I put paid bills. I have a filing cabinet upstairs and I'm too lazy to walk up and do the filing all the time so the box is for interim storage. I hope Joshua doesn't find it too appealing.

  2. Hi veggiegobbler. Yes living in a two story house can be a bit annoying at times.

    Before I set up the system again yesterday I had a plastic tub sitting on the stairs away from you now who's prying hands (locked as in the picture) so anything that had to go upstairs I could just lean over the gate and place it there. At night after Josh was asleep I would just grab it and head upstairs and deal with it all. I still have the tub there (you can just make it out in the first pic).

    I think with the new system I will TRY to store them in the side "financial" cupboard and then file them away at a later time.