Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toddler playroom

Josh has his own playroom that I set up for him in the family room. It has been a work in progress over the last 2 1/2 years as I've changed it as he went through different developmental stages. The way it is at the moment will be the way it will stay until the end of his primary school years.

He has a couch to sit on, a unit with a TV,DVD player and a radio, a play table, small cupboard and a large 9 shelf toy cupboard. For christmas this year he will be getting a Vtech Smile Motion Learning Console so that will be added to the unit.

I've done a major cull of his unused toys - some have gone to his younger cousin who is 1 year younger than him and the rest have been donated to the local charity shop. I've only kept the classic toys which he has access to play with whenever he wants. These will be added to or upgraded over the years at birthdays and christmas so his collection will grow and drive me crazy!!

1. Large cars
2. Animals
3. Wooden Building blocks
4. Lego Duplo
5. Hot Wheels cars, blaster and tin
6. Pixar Cars race track set
7. Thomas Wooden Railway set
8. Books
9. Leapfrog learning laptop
10. Magna Doodle

All his drawing, painting, toddler trays, craft material, puzzles, playdough, dress up box and educational learning toys are kept upstairs in the spare room cupboard as firstly there is not enough room downstairs in his play area but secondly I don't want the play area to become too messy or these toys to be damaged. Games, birthday presents and christmas presents are also stored out of the way in this cupboard.

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