Monday, January 3, 2011


Ok so today was my monthly grocery shopping day. I start my monthly cooking by cutting up a few whole organic chickens. Actually, I bought today's last month as they were marked down at Aldi for a total of 3 for $19 instead of $30. So with the carcass I make up stock, then I pick the meat off the bones and then whilst the liquid stock is still cooling down I make this soup. It is a combination of an Itallian egg drop "stracciatella" and my mothers chicken noodle soup recipe. It is quick to make and it is what I have for dinner at the start of my shopping/menu plan cycle.

I don't really use any specific measurements so it is all up to you to decide how much to use:

Place some of the hot stock into a saucepan
In a bowl whisk together one or two eggs and some grated parmesan
Slowly whisk into the stock and stir for about 2 min until the eggs "set"
Add some chicken bits and some mint leaves
Add a dash of olive oil

For an asian version try adding some greens like baby spinach or bok choy with some corn and ginger

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