Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tot Tray Number 3 -Transfering

I'm still in the process of building this tray but I can show you a quick picture so you can get the point. I have some ice cube trays in different sizes and I am in the process of getting items to fit into the different shape holes.

1. Different types/sizes of tongs and/or tweezers
2. Different types of bottles, containers to transfer items out of and into.
3. Different transfer items (pom poms, bottle tops, jelly beans, beads etc sky's the limit here).

Josh had fun making up his own variation to the game at the end with Zac's dog bowl and a cup from his tot-pouring tray. I do love how they are interchangeable.


  1. Hi Maria ,Your son Josh looks so cute and looks like he is having so much fun ..

  2. Yes Sherrie, he enjoyed this activity and I enjoyed watching him develop the game in his own way. He is a cutie but also a handful - I have to find endless ways to keep him occupied or he becomes impossible LOL

  3. yes I have been there Maria ...My middle son was a handful he's now 22 and still a handful at times glad he doensn't live with us any more... Just the three of us here now ...Jack is 8 and most of the time a real delight ...but he has his moments...don't we all...