Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tot Tray Number 1 - Pouring

Tot Trays are simple activites that I have come up with which are based around basic early learning skills. I rotate them often, using the same materials in different ways and with different twists.

This one is based around "pouring".


1. Different sized jugs, interesting and different cups/bowls to pour into-even adding a funnel at times

2. Different materials to be poured (small beads, rice, beans, etc.). Finally graduating to REAL water at some point!!! You could also add some food colouring to the water so that you have all the basic primary colours and as your child mixes away the water begins to change colour. A very simple way to begin to explore colours in a fun way!

Here Joshua is doing a simple version of the tray. You can see him collecting water from the pool in his favourite pink jug and pouring it into a tall tumbler with the help of a funnel. He then moved the funnel to another container, picked up the tumbler and poured the water out into a cup. He picked up pretty quickly the concept of the use of a funnel when trying to pour into containers with small openings.

You could do this activity outdoors on the grass or indoors in the bathtub. If your child is fairly young then start with the rice, which you can colour and keep seperate to begin with, your child will then begin to mix all the colours up. As your child gets older you can use beans, beads and then finally water. Give it a go and have lots of fun watching your toddler entertain themselves for hours!

I will continue to post about the other trays that we use as well so keep watching.

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