Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Old fashioned floor mopping

What you see in this picutre is my floor mopping system. Yes, it is old school and like most things done yesteryear, it is more physical work but it is so cheap to set up and great for getting a workout that I love it.

I have 2 buckets (one filled with fresh hot water and the other with hot water with 1/4 cup vinegar, 1 capful eucalyptus oil and 1 drop detergent) and 2 microfibre cloths.

I dip into the bucket with the cleaning products, squeeze and then fold the cloth into four. I wipe as large a section as I can then turn it over and wipe further along. Then I open the cloth and fold it the other way round and do two lots of cleaning on this side. So that's four wipes in total then I rinse it out in the fresh water, squeeze and dip into the product, squeeze and continue. Once I see the fresh water starting to get yucky I dump it out and top up with some fresh water. Once I see that the cloth is not as clean anymore, then I rinse it under the tap the next time I get a fresh bucket of water. When that cloth is no longer getting clean after the rinse under the tap I replace it with a clean cloth.

What are the pros of this method?
1. The floor dries lightning fast: usually by the time I have come back from getting a fresh bucket of water the floor is already dry. I don't have to tell anyone to stay away whilst I am mopping and I can do it around whoever is in the room at the time.
2. Minimal financial outlay: Just the cost of 2 buckets and 2 cloths.
3. Minimal use of cleaning products: just 1 bucket full does my whole house
4. You can really see where the floor is dirty and get to clean it thoroughly
5. You are not cleaning the floor with a dirty mop and bucket of water.
6. You get a great workout: on the days I mop I don't bother with a seperate cardio workout, although I do do some stretching.

What are the cons?
1. It's more physical work: I don't bother to mop on the days I am not feeling tired or unwell
2. Need to continually replace the bucket with fresh water: so perhaps a little bit more water usage is needed.

Hmmmmm.....that's more pros than cons...............


  1. I do this sometimes to give my floors a good clean.

    It made me think back to when I was younger, I remember my mum washing her floors and carpets this way.

    I could do with a good work out so might do this more often...

  2. Yes, its definetely great for a workout, just don't try it on a hot day or you'll be sweating like a mad woman.

    I can see how our parents and grandparents would have been very fit people.