Monday, December 27, 2010

My wheels

Thought I would take have a picture taken today of Josh and I on the bike. Tuesday is grocery shopping day so we hop on the bike and ride to mum's where Josh spends the day. I'm not too sure of the exact distance but it is a one hour round trip to ride. Josh loves it and has been enjoying this mode of transport since he turned one last August. It's not advisable to put a child on a bike before 12months of age as their little necks can't handle the jolts.

I found the seat on ebay for $45 (It is worth $150 new) and it cost me $20 to have it fitted at the bike store plus a helmet for Josh was $20. My bike was a bit of an outlay but I purchased it before we had Josh and I was still working.


  1. Pedal power way to go ! get fit for free !
    When my two eldest sons were little my husband and I both had a child seat on our bikes and we used to do the same...boy I wish I had the energy to do it now ...where we live we have the most giantic hill I would never be able to ride up that some times the car struggles brings back very happy memories...I have thought about getting a bike and taking it on the car to my aunties to go bike riding with her...hope my health improves next year and i just might.

  2. Hi Sherrie. Oh don't you worry, we have 2 big hills here too!! I have to push the bike up our street no way I could ride up it to start off without a warm up, then its down hill from there. BUT on the way home that down hill is now an uphill and it is the worst part of the ride - hate it to death. I have resorted to counting the lines on the sidewalk to trick myself up it. It takes 4 min to walk up and 2 min to ride up. Just an afterthought, in 1997 I was seriously injured whilst bike riding and it took me 10 years before I could even look at a bike and I don't ride on the road anymore, just the footpaths now for me :(