Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ice blocks

I managed to cook up a big batch of apple/pear cores today. I made all these yummy iceblocks from the liquid I used to steam them with.

I used some of the puree in my choc/cherry muffins and the rest I froze in my muffin tray to use in other baking recipes instead of oil and to flavour my yoghurt with.


  1. Hi Maria...I love making home made icy poles with pureed fruit I love mango ones...This summer Jack and I will make our own frosty fruits with orange,passionfruit and pineapple but I will puree the fruit and then freeze in molds ...way better then anything you could buy from the shops...I'm like you,I love making most of my own food from scratch...Then I know exactly what's in it...

  2. I haven't quite gotten around to making the icy poles from the fruit itself, just from the liquid that sits in the bottom saucepan (fruit sits in the top saucepan). THis water is just as flavoursome as the fruit itself and it's a great way to use it up if you are not going to drink it. I think when my fruit stock gets low towards the end of the month, before I'm due to go back and do another big fruit and veggie shop, I will puree up anything looking a bit sad and freeze that instead.