Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free hot water shower

Well, the "hot" part is free, I still have to pay for the water. During the hot season of summer I like to save money on our gas hot water bill by doing an old camping trick.

I use a 20litre camping solar shower bag and 1/2 fill it with the warm up water from the shower then place it black side up in full sun. As I exercise in the afternoon that's when I take a shower and the water has had a chance to heat up to a really hot termperature. I then pour it out into a 9 litre bucket in the shower and then let the shower run to fill it up to the top with the warm up water. I use a large plastic cup to scoop and pour the water to have my shower.

I have a great shower with only 9 litres which includes washing my hair.

I like that I can take hot showers in the winter and then in the summer I can make up for it by doing this. It may not be your cup of tea but as a bushwalker and camper from way back I feel right at home. I love treading lightly!


  1. Hi Maria...I think you and i would get on like a house on fire...we think so much a like...wanting to save money and the environment ...As we have a shortage of water fresh water from loosing our tank to lightning in July ...we are even more careful its way to precious to waste..We also have our campimg solar showers for camping and for use at home...we fill with our bore water and hang them up outside near our swimming pool and rinse the salt off with lovely warm have reminded me we need to get ours out of the shed...also just nice to shower outside in the lovely weather as we live in the bush and have no neighbours close which is great...I can also sunbathe in my birthday suit and get my free vitamin D from the sun...So thanks for the reminder ...

  2. Yes, I agree that you and I are on the same wave length, pity we don't live close by!

    I have pondered the thought of having my showers outside. It's not too difficult as where I live is not too exposed even though I live in the suburbs mine is very small and we live at the end of the street where there is private land. It's funny whenever I spot a chep pallet (spelling?) sitting by the side of the road I think to myself "ah, that would come in handy as the floor of my outdoor shower" but so far I haven't got it into the production stage. Maybe I should now....

    Whenever we go to spend free time at my brother in law's property which is a 4 hour drive away we have to have this type of shower anyway. We each have our own caravan (I called mine Madam Zelda cause it looks like a gypsy caravan!) and there are no fixed structures on the property. He is such an ideas man that he has spent 10 years working on making it comfortable for everyone. He built a seperate enclosed bathroom out of clourbond and hooked up the water tank to the outside fire so it heats up the water. We then have 25 litres each with which to shower - what a luxury 25 litres!! He also installed a flushing toilet where the waste gets flushed into a huge barrell. When it is full, he opens it and sets the contents alite to empty!!! Ha ha!! We are going up next in February. I'll take some pics and post them.

    Happy outdoor showering I can imagine your lovely view!!

  3. Hi Maria ...We have got a few of those pine wooden palettes...They can be a bit rough you don't want to get splinters in your feet ...But with a sand down it would be a great idea...Love brain gets all excited by thinking of lots of uses for stuff...My DP kev has made 2 big boxes one is in my pantry to put all those bottles,tins jars etc...been going to post it but haven't gotten around to it yet...I have also made 2 flatist boxes from the pine slats that used to be around the brick palettes they could be used like trays or boxes to store things they look great ...and if I can make them any body can...I will post them soon too...and best of all they are all nearly free to make need just a few nails and how cheap are they ...Yes it would be great if we lived close...none of my friends are into recycling ,reusing like I am ...We could go dumpster diving together ...I love the idea of what you may find to save it going to landfil and so I don't have to spend money buying it ...when I lived in the Hills my mum and I used to go to the back of the supermarket skip and get lots of bread we used to feed the ducks with it magazines ...why not ...looking forward to seeing photos of your brothers property ...

  4. Dumpster diving!!! oh now you have really made my day!! I want to try that out!! I am too scared though. When stephen and I went out to dinner for my birthday last month on the way back to the car a bread shop had left their unsold bread in their bakers bags out the front on the street. My heart skipped a beat when I realised it was going to by my first dive but he refused to let me take any saying it could have been poisened....:( Oh, how dissapointed I was...