Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toddler 4 piece puzzles

These puzzles were made from a recycled coca cola carton, some print outs, glue, textas and pencils, scissors and craft knife and some clear contact. The lion one isn't finished yet. I made co-ordingating envelopes out of card stock and will stick a small picture of the completed puzzle on it so Joshua can easily see how to put the puzzle back together. These will eventually be stored in a "My Puzzles" shoe box which I will decorate with stickers.

They are super easy to make so why not have a go. I will post the link to the printouts later today.

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  1. Hi Maria , my boys are past puzzles like these. but you are very clever and very creative. I will keep them in my mind when and if I ever geat grand children. I love your ideas on reusing stuff for some thing else. its amazing that we really don't need to spend lots of money on stuff to keep our children entertained when they are little,because things change as they get older and all their friends are getting all the latest gagets.Its a great idea to save our money until when they are teenagers. My eldest two boys are 23 and 22 they cost more as they get older ! You have a great day :)