Friday, November 19, 2010

Repurposed wrapping paper

With all the contact I've been using this week I came up with the idea of saving the red grid lined paper and using it as wrapping paper. I folded the sheet in half to match the length of the only cardboard roll that I had and wrapped it around then secured it with a small amount of leftover contact.


  1. Hi Maria,
    when I finished using the last of my contact that I'd had for quite a few years. I used the backing paper for making patterns it is great with the grid lines on it,I have a few bag patterns on it that I can keep for ever,in my sewing room. I will not buy it any more because it's just another plastic that will need disposing of. On my sons book list it always says cover your child's books with contact . who do they think they are, I will cover in paper that is better for the environment not more plastic. This year I will cover them in newspaper I think. Our school is not green at all their latest fundraiser is huge rolls of cling wrap which I also refuse to buy.

  2. Hi Sherrie - gosh you've gotten me to thinking about my using contact paper. There are so many hidden traps where we use plastic and think it is ok. I am going to re-think my use of contact paper. I like the idea of using newspaper to cover books. I have been keeping all my sons artwork from daycare and I will try to cover any books with that. I guess when he starts school I could use his artwork from then or use the comic pages from the newspaper. I've been collecting the pages over the last year (hubby buys the paper - neither of us read it he just wants the comics and TV guide grrrr). I am going to use them at Joshua's birthday party next year for a traditional game of pass the parcel.

  3. Hi Maria, don't use the newspaper for pass the parcel as all the kids hands will be black from the ink. when I did pass the parcel last year for sons birthday ( he told now he's 8 he's too old for pass the parcel now) I used all woolies catalogues very colourful and no ink problems.
    Just an idea ! Art work can be great for wrapping paper also. We used to buy the paper a few years ago mainly for TV guide and I thought what a waste. Our local community free paper has the TV guide your's may also it could be worth checking and saving your money or they have a TV guide on line DP checks it out some times I don't bother. I hardly watch TV we mostly watch the ABc or SBS. I'd rather read, I love reading. Warm regards Sherrie :):)

  4. Oh gosh! Think I need to start collecting catalogues now LOL! Hubby doesnt' like the TV guide out of the local paper as it isn't colourful enough and he won't check it online either. He is too set in his ways (sigh).