Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Range Learning

This article was in last weekends "Sunday" magazine that came with the Sunday Telegraph. It was a very interesting read as I am considering the possiblity of homeschooling Joshua. Even if that doesn't happen I think I will still take some of the essence of this movement and apply it to his life afterschool (no enforced homework, child focused activities, weekly meetings etc).


  1. Hi Maria, I thought about home schooling my youngest son who is 8 now, but thought against it because he would miss the social side which I consider is extremely important. He just loves school he is in grade 2. I'm not a fan of homework for younger children unless they want to do it. plenty of time for that when they get to high school.
    Warm Regards

  2. Hi Sherrie, my thoughts are that they get the social aspect from all the activities you would have them enrolled in (ie sport, scouts etc). I love the "concept" of homeschooling but I am kinda looking forward to getting my time back again in a few years so I'm fighting with myself. I think if Josh doesn't fare well at school I would be in a better position to consider it then.