Friday, October 29, 2010

Put junk mail to good use

What do you do with all that annoying junk mail that turns up in your letter box? Put it to use in your office! Keep all the A4 paper that is blank on the other side and use it to either write on or to print off stuff that is not important to anyone but you.

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  1. Hi Maria,
    Thats a great idea we do the same great for our youngest son who is 8 and just loves to draw pictures. Or if I want to print out recipes etc . I make and sell envirobags and I also use the paper to print the instructions on ! I'm like you in the fact I hate waste, when it can be used for some thing else, when you rethink its amazing what you can come up with. My DP is currently out the back making boxes from old packing palettes. glad the macadamia & oat biscuits turned out nice without using eggs, there is a saving right there if you make them again why bother with the eggs.
    So glad you dropped by to visit my blog !
    You have a great day