Saturday, October 30, 2010

Op shop finds

Stephen and I went out to Newtown last night to celebrate my upcoming birthday next month. We love going to eat at Burgerlicious and then browsing through the second hand book and op shops afterwards that are open till late.
This time we uncovered a pair of brown full leather boots for me (leather on the outside and pig skin on the inside) for $15, a book by Jackie French on the A to Z of Useful Plants for $3 and a Calvin Klein Jacket for Stephen for $30. The boots are stuffed with newspaper for long-term storage.


  1. great bargains. I haven't been op shopping in ages I'm trying to declutter and there's nothing I really need. I will make a list one day of what I really need then I might go op shopping next year ! I'm trying the decluttering rule get some thing new get rid of something old, then my darling partner says what are you going to get rid of, then I feel under pressure. Last time I got some thing new I got rid of some of his clothes( only 6 pairs of work shorts that they aren't allowed to wear at work now) Perfect . I won't be able to get away with that one very often so safer to buy nothing !lol :)

  2. Yes, I follow that IN/OUT rule too. I have been waiting for a pair of brown boots so no need to throw anything out to replace them. I have been building my wardrobe up over the year and following a list I have made up so it's great to cross items off the list! So happy last night as Stephen actually went through his sock draw and threw away all the yucky ones without any nagging from me LOL