Friday, October 29, 2010

Handmade christmas decorations

Well as this is our first christmas with a tree I decided to make all the decorations for it. I started with some felted christmas trees. I used cookie cutters to get the shape, cut 2 for each tree and adorned them with tiny beads sewn on with clear thread. Then I just did a blanket stitch in red all around, starting at the top and going all the way around until I almost reached the top on the other side. They were stuffed with cotton wool and then stitched up completely and finished off with a loop for hanging.
Then I attempted some croched tinsel. The red one is a long line of simple chains with red beads threaded on at regular intervals, with a knot made on either side to keep them in place. The silver one is also a long chain with silver bells instead of beads. Then I did 2 popcorn stitch ones. The coloured one has beads and bells tied to the ends and the white one was the first one I did to test the stitch and to see if I wanted to make up more, so it's not very long.
Here is a link to the pattern I used.

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